Travel Diary
January 21, 2003
St. Augustine, FL

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We came to St. Augustine to visit Steve, Gale and Lucy, our friends from Seattle. They keep their boat "Flying Fish" in Green Cove Springs, which is nearby. It's a beautiful catamaran. Here are Steve, Gale and Lucy with Mary on the boat (Lucy is sitting). The mast is off for some repairs to the deck, so the boat looks a little more like a space ship right now.

Mary, Steve, Gale and Lucy on the Flying Fish

Visiting friends is always fun because inevitably, there is great food. This visit was no exception. We went to a fun place called the Outback Crab Shack. It's right on the St. Johns River. In warm weather they rent kayaks and canoes so you can go see the local wildlife. For dinner, the highlight is the Boiled Platter. It's a large plastic tray with a large platter in the middle. The platter was covered in crawfish, and shrimp. Around the platter were clams, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, and andouille sausage. Over the whole huge pile of food were some crab legs. All of it was boiled in a wonderful Cajun spice mix. This picture gives some scale to its size -- that's Mary's hand reaching in for a shrimp. It was piled a lot higher than it looks, however, and the four of us worked really hard, but didn't quite finish it.

Boiled platter

We also went to another amazing restaurant called Clark's Fish Camp. It started almost 30 years ago as a shop that sold bait and tackle. They started offering food from a small building, and now they have a large restaurant, and no more bait shop. The restaurant is decorated in a huge collection of mounted animals. The owners have been collecting them for over 20 years. The room we ate in was full of interesting birds. It looked almost more like a museum than a restaurant. The signature dish was a gigantic piece of Prime Rib. The largest portion is three and a half pounds. Pete ordered the next size down which is two and a half pounds. We'll be eating the leftovers for a couple of days.

Pete and half a cow

Everything being relative, our January weather has been warm. It has, however, been the coldest temperatures of the winter, and the last couple of nights have been below freezing. Since we are in Florida after all, we've decided that's colder than we want, so we're going to head south for a few days to let the cold air pass.

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