Travel Diary
March 2, 2003
St. Augustine, FL

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We're on our way up to Atlanta, but stopped in St. Augustine to have another visit with our friends Steve and Gale. This time through, we also stopped at the World Golf Village.

The World Golf Village is comprised of 2 beautiful golf courses that have hosted over 10 PGA tournaments, resort style accommodations, some nice shops and restaurants, and the World Golf Hall of Fame. Here's a shot of a part of the village that features a hole-in-one challenge that visitors could try (no, we didn't).

World Golf Village

The Hall of Fame was interesting and had nice exhibits detailing the history of golf. There were also exhibits about modern golf including a sampling of all the things a current PGA tour professional has in his golf bag; a diagram of how they manage to broadcast all 18 holes of a golf tournament; and a simulator where you could play a virtual hole of golf swinging real clubs at a real ball. There was also memorabilia from several Hall of Fame members, and an exhibit of golf memorabilia from past presidents of the United States.

The PGA Tour Stop (the large building at the top of the photo) was a gigantic golf store that sold golf clothes and gear. Ironically, we even saw Colin Montgomerie, a current PGA golfer, shopping with his wife and son.

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