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July 22, 2002
Life On Wheels

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Sunset over Life On Wheels

The week of July 15th we went to Moscow, Idaho. (For reference, that's pronounced Moscoe). So, why Moscow? We attended the Life on Wheels (LOW) conference. It's a full 5-day conference for RVers put on by RVers.  It was a jam-packed week of 4 classes a day for the week. We each took different classes with the exception of Fire Safety that we both took at different times during the week.

Mary focused on the electrical systems of the coach. She took All about Batteries, Generators, Invertors and Chargers, Introduction to Multimeters, AC Systems, DC systems, and Solar Panels. She also took Learning Priorities for new RVers, Cooking on the Road, Fire Safety, Packing an RV, Boondocking (camping without hookups), Refrigerators and Ovens, and Furnaces and Hot Water Heaters.

Pete took Propane (2 classes), Septic Systems, Packing an RV (a different class than Mary), Stress Management, Tire Safety, Weight Safety, Fire Safety, RV Awnings: Care and Feeding, Driving a Motorhome (classroom only), Driving with Air Brakes, Motorhome and Tow Vehicle Braking Systems, A Full Timers Year on the Road, Air Conditioner maintenance and repair, Dinghy Towing Equipment, and Making Money on the Road.

As you can tell, it was an information packed week. We both learned a tremendous amount about our house. The overriding themes were on safety and preventative maintenance. We now have the recommended 4 fire extinguishers in our RV and a 5th for our Jeep. They are all foam based extinguishers which we learned are a lot more effective than chemical based extinguishers (they cool the heat source while they extinguish the flames, and they are much cleaner than chemical extinguishers).

We also met some wonderful folks including two couples from San Diego.  Here's a picture of us with Dave and Jerry, and Bob and Margi.

The Gang from San Diego

We had a wonderful time, learned a lot and are looking forward to going back next year.

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