Travel Diary
September 13, 2002
Dubois, WY

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Today we left West Yellowstone. We drove through the park to the south, and stopped for lunch along the Lewis River.

Lewis River

We continued south into Grand Teton National Park, and then east to Dubois. That's "DO-boys", not some French-sounding pronunciation. Dubois is a cute small town about an hour and half east of Teton. Here's a picture of our house in Dubois:

The house in Dubois

In the afternoon we visited the National Bighorn Sheep interpretive center. We learned about this history of the Shoshone Indians who were known as the sheep-eaters. They had some ingenious ways to trap the bighorn sheep, which were their primary food source.

Café Wyoming is an amazing restaurant here in Dubois. It's situated in a log building right on the Horse Creek. Chef Ken spent some time working as a Chef at the LA Country Club on Wilshire Boulevard. He also spent some time in France as evidence by the Pastis on the drink menu. Chef Ken also makes an amazing BBQ Sauce.

Dinner started with a Crème of Carrot and Ginger soup. It was rich, creamy, sweet and a little spicy. Mary had the center cut pork chop. It was about 2 inches thick and seasoned with Chef Ken's rub. Pete had the pork ribs with Chef Ken's Howling Wolf BBQ sauce. The sauce was the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, sour, hot, tangy. Simply delicious.

Dinner at Cafe Wyoming

We finished with home made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies--a fabulous meal in a great American small town.

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