Travel Diary
September 19, 2002
Marion, IA

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Our friends Tim and AJ Clark live in Marion, Iowa. Although Tim was out of town, we dropped by and visited with AJ. She introduced us to Maid-Rite. This is an Iowa institution. Each Maid-Rite restaurant is locally owned. The one in Marion has an amazing "Huge Pork Tenderloin Sandwich". This is a gigantic, thin piece of pork that's breaded and fried. It's served on a normal sized bun, so the pork hangs way out over the edge. It's also customary to order pie as soon as you get seated so you don't miss out on the flavor you want. This picture is the pork tenderloin sandwich, with waffle cut fries, coleslaw, and a slice of home made toll-house pie. Let's just say it wasn't a light meal.

Pork tenderloin sandwich

We also spent our first night in a non-commercial campground. We're in a Linn County Park System campground in Marion. It's quite a pleasant surprise with big spaces and 50 amp power. Our first go with a non "big-rig" approved campground is a success.

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