Travel Diary
October 10, 2002

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We parked the house in Raymond, NH pretty early today. This is where we'll spend the weekend visiting the Baker's (Pete's sister's family). We spent the remainder of the day in Maine.

Our first stop was Kittery for a huge selection of outlet stores. We also had lunch. Lunch was at Captain Simeon's Galley for lobster rolls. A lobster roll is the Maine version of a Quarter Pounder. Add a quarter pound of lobster meat, a small bit of mayo so it sticks together, and put it on a hamburger bun. They were awesome.

Lobster roll

Another nice part of lunch was the view. Here's what we got to see while we were enjoying our lobster rolls. Note the pile of lobster traps on the end of the docks.

View from lunch table

We decided that it would be worth the drive to head north. We saw some interesting towns including Kennebunkport on our way to Freeport the home of L.L. Bean. We knew it would be late when we got there, but their flagship store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (there weren't even any locks on the doors!). We had a great time exploring the store, it was a lot like walking through their catalog with the bonus of getting to try things on. We made a small deposit and left with a couple of new things for the closet.

This gigantic version of their Maine Hunting Boot was outside the store. It was about 25 feet tall.

L.L. Bean flagship store

After a long day of shopping Pete finished with a nice steamed lobster. If you were wondering, they are cheaper here. This lobster meal was only $10.99.

Lobster dinner

Since we are pretty sure this was our only chance to see Maine on this leg of the trip (we need to start heading south before it gets any colder), we were pleased that we got to see and do as much as we did.

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