Travel Diary
October 14, 2002
Concord, NH

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We spent a long weekend in Concord, NH to visit Pete's sister's family, the Bakers. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire. We spent most of the weekend visiting with the Bakers, and with Pete's mom, who drove in from Buffalo, NY. It was rainy most of the weekend, so the visiting was mostly playing with Gregory and Katherine indoors. We did get out a couple of times, and here are some pictures of some interesting things we saw.

This is Main Street in Concord with Steve, Gregory and Katherine.

Gregory, Steve, and Katherine in downtown Concord

Here's a picture of Pete's second lobster of the trip. We went out to a seafood restaurant in Concord for lobsters. They were almost as cheap as they were in Maine, but it was Columbus Day weekend and also the local Fall Foliage Festival so the market prices were higher than normal. In this picture, the lobster is covered clam-bake style with a pile of clams.

Katherine, Pete, and Gregory

We parked our house in a nicely wooded campground. You can see the large tree we were parked under was mostly yellow, with some red at the top.

Our house in the trees

This picture was near where we parked the house. It shows some of the different colors the trees turn before losing their leaves for the winter. Notice the small group of deciduous trees in different colors surrounded by some pine trees that will stay green all year.

Trees over the lake

Here's another picture that shows some of the fall colors. This is Gregory on top of an observation tower at an apple orchard. Those are the White Mountains in the distance.

Gregory and the White Mountains

This is the Walker House, which is right next to the capital building. This house belonged to the Walker family that were one Concord's founding families. Pete's cousin Sheafe Walker was named for Great-Uncle Sheafe Walker who lived in this house.

Walker House

Finally, this is the New Hampshire state senate chamber.

New Hampshire Senate chamber

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