Travel Diary
October 25, 2002
Lancaster, PA

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Lancaster is where Pete grew up. He lived here from about 1972 till 1983. It was a bit of a strange trip for this reason as he had lots of flashbacks to some places from his youth.

Here's a picture of the house he lived in.

Old house

This picture won't mean much to anyone but Pete's family. It's a shot of the sign from his Elementary school and what's now across the street. It used to be a field run by an Amish family. They apparently sold out to a developer who put in big houses (around 3000 square feet) that are selling for the mid-200s.

View from elementary school

The local ice cream and cheese-steak place down the street is still there, although it has indoor seating now. It's funny how almost 20 years have gone by, but the place still smells the same. Slightly sweet, and slightly greasy.

Frizz and Freeze

One fun thing about visiting Lancaster is that it's a short drive to Hershey, PA, home to the Hershey Chocolate Factory. We visited Hershey's Chocolate World to see a little company history, and to take the tour that showed how the chocolate is made.

Frizz and Freeze

Hershey is also home to the Hershey Park theme park. It wasn't open while we were here, but we got some neat pictures from up on a hill above the park. The actual chocolate factory is seen from this hill also. The large yellow building contains the holding silos where they keep cocoa, sugar and milk to mix into the chocolate we know and love.

Hershey factory

We also visited the Hershey Gardens. They're only open till the end of October, but they had some lovely flowers and plants to see none the less. Here is a small sampling of pictures from the gardens.

Hershey gardens

Hershey gardens

Hershey gardens

Hershey gardens

Lancaster County is home to the second largest community of Amish people in the United States. The weather hasn't been conducive to good photography of their scenic farms and homes. We did see a house raising where several Amish men were building a home, and we saw several horse-and-buggies on the local roads. This picture is an Amish farm with the laundry out to attempt to dry (it was a day of scattered showers).

Amish farm

The Amish don't use cars, they get around with horse-and-buggy. This was a pretty common site while we were touring around the small towns. Oh, and yes, there really are towns called Bird-In-Hand, Paradise, and Intercourse.

Traffic in Lancaster

We had dinner with Gerry and Betsy Benton. Pete has known them since kindergarten when he went to school with their daughter Laurie. It was great catching up with them!

Pete with the Bentons

Finally, we went to see a Hershey Bears hockey game. The Hershey Bears are in the AHL League, and are a farm-team for the Colorado Avalanche NHL team. We have long mused that the Zamboni ice cleaning machine was an under-utilized advertising space. The new arena in Hershey has, however, taken full advantage of selling space on their Zamboni. Oh, and the Bears beat the Cleveland Barons 2-1.

UPS Zamboni

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