Travel Diary
November 27, 2002
Atlanta, GA

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We've been in Atlanta for a week. The first several days had beautiful weather in the mid 60s. It allowed for some great time outside. This was handy because Atlanta has lots of interesting neighborhoods each with their own flair. We've also had a chance to get our big-city fix with things like malls and Starbucks.

We visited CNN Center which is home to CNN, Headline News, and The tour was interesting and we got to see the live broadcast studios for CNN and Headline News. Here's a picture of the Talk Back Live studio in the atrium of the building. It's right next to a huge store where you can buy all sorts of Turner Broadcasting brand stuff.

CNN Center atrium

We also visited the World of Coke. This is a museum of sorts where you can learn about the history of Coca Cola. They had lots of exhibits showing the range of creative advertising they've done over the years. Our favorite part was at the end where we got to try Coke products that are sold in other countries. Some of them were good (Pineapple/Grapefruit soda from Great Britain) others were not so good (Lychee Nut soda from Thailand).

Samples of Coke's worldwide offerings

Atlanta has a beautiful botanical garden, including a spectacular, recently-opened Orchid house. Here are a few images from our visit.





The Orchid house was also full of interesting ferns. Here's a picture of a baby fern leaf ready to unfurl.

Baby fern leaf

Over the past weekend, Atlanta had one of their first frosts. The next day we went to a rose garden near the Fernbank Natural History museum. Some of the roses seemed to have survived the frost, and others did not. This one seemed frozen in time.

Frozen rose

We'll be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Pete's dad. Then we're headed to Americus to spend some time with Pete's sister. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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