Travel Diary
December 25, 2002
Nokomis, FL

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Merry Christmas! We've been parked in Nokomis, FL for a few days, and are happy to be spending our Christmas someplace warm and sunny.

Parked for Christmas

We're parked about 20 miles south of Sarasota, and about 5 miles from the beach. As you can see in the photo, we're parked on a lake that is approximately 150 yards across.

The next town to the south is Venice. Venice's Caspersen Beach was suggested to us to be a great spot for shelling and for hunting for shark teeth. This sounded like a fun adventure, so we stopped by. On our first visit, Pete found three small teeth, and we were intrigued enough to go back. On our second visit, we went armed with tools (a colander from WalMart).

Pete hunting for shark teeth

Pete was surprised at how many he found. Here's a picture that shows all of the teeth from both days. The four largest ones at the top of this photo were all found on the second visit.

Shark teeth next to a quarter

The same beach also has a fishing pier. For a small fee, you can walk out the pier and fish in the deeper water. On the day of our visit, the fishermen weren't having much luck at all. One boy was enjoying reeling in his small catches (less than 6") and throwing them back to the brown pelicans waiting below. Here's an action photo of the well trained bird.

Pelican catching a fish thrown from the pier

Most of all, we're happy to be able to spend Christmas together in a place that is such a fine example of the fun adventure we're on.

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