Travel Diary
December 29, 2002
Nokomis, FL

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We're still in Nokomis. It's really a neat area with lots of local non-touristy things to do. We got a referral from a nice couple we met at a restaurant last week about a place called Nokomis Groves.

Nokomis Groves trees

They are a local citrus orchard where we have bought some wonderful oranges and grapefruits. We highly recommend the Star Ruby grapefruit. The specific referral we got was to go try the ice cream. Since we generally don't ever pass up an ice cream place, we investigated. They have a very good orange soft-serve made with fresh orange juice. Pete's favorite, however, is the blend of chocolate and key lime (also made with fresh juice). It is a wonderful afternoon snack!

Chocolate and key lime ice cream

We drove north up the main business highway up to Sarasota. Pete did an immediate u-turn when he spotted an extremely rare sight. It seems a local business has begun importing the Smart car (sold in Europe and manufactured by Mercedes Benz) and they have two of then here in Sarasota. It was the first we'd ever seen these cars outside a trip to Europe a few years ago.

Brabus Smart cabrio

For our fellow car geeks: this one was a Brabus edition Smart Cabrio with bigger wheels, modified suspension and engine tricked up to 72bhp (the stock motor is 61hp). We are very excited to have discovered this business as we have often thought this would make a fine car for city living. They are also importing the BMW C1 motor scooter which Mary has had her eye on since that same trip to Europe.

We've been treated to an interesting show almost every evening at dusk. There is a very large flock of birds (Pete thinks they resemble sparrows) that come to our campground to snack on bugs over the pond. They also seem to stretch as far into the sky as you can see. It's been difficult to get a picture of this as the flock is simply too tall and wide to capture completely. In any case, here's a picture that shows our house and a small group of the birds.

Bird show

Finally, we took a walk along the harbor in Sarasota. We met a nice family visiting from Atlanta and took their family picture. They were kind enough to return the favor for us.

Pete and Mary in Sarasota

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