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December overview

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After our third month on the road, we've finally started slowing down. Our total distance has dropped, and our average number of nights in one place has gone up. The numbers don't reflect that we also have had our longest stay of the trip with 13 nights in Atlanta. During the month of November we:We've continued our trend of slowing down a bit. Our total miles was the lowest it's been yet, and our average stay is up almost 3 full days. We're currently in the middle of our longest single stop yet, which will be 16 nights in total. In December we:
  • traveled a total of 541 miles
  • got an average of 8.156 miles per gallon
  • spent an average of $25.03 per night for campgrounds
  • parked for an average of 8.5 nights at a time
  • drove an average of 153 miles each time we moved the house
  • paid only $1.07 per gallon for unleaded gas for the Jeep in Atlanta
We enjoyed visiting the Bakers in Americus, Georgia to start this month. We also had nice quiet Christmas and New Years Eve just the two of us near Venice, Florida. The weather this month was much more like we have been wanting. As we exit December we're having days in the 70s and nights in the 50s. We're also excited for January as we'll be starting the month in the Florida Keys. Here is the recap of our adventures for the month.

December route

December 29, 2002
Nokomis, FL

December 25, 2002
Nokomis, FL

December 20, 2002
Tampa, FL

December 15, 2002
Ocala, FL

December 8, 2002
Americus, GA

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