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February overview

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Feburary gave us a glimpse at what being RV "snowbirds" really means. After heading north at the end of January, we turned back south and spent all but 2 days in February parked at a great park in Nokomis, FL. We met some great folks who spend the entire winter in Nokomis, and enjoyed warm weather all month. In Feburary we:
  • traveled a total of 261 miles (all the last 2 days of the month)
  • got an average on 7.33 miles per gallon (but only got fuel once)
  • spent an average of $26.55 per night for campgrounds
  • parked for all but 2 days of the month, including the last days of January, for a total of 38 days
  • drove an average of 104 miles each time we moved the house
All in all, it was a pretty quiet month for our travel diary. You can expect all of that to change in March. We're on our way north and then west and are happy to be on the road again.

Here is the recap for the month.

February route

February 26, 2003
Nokomis, FL

February 13, 2003
Tampa, FL

February 5, 2003
Nokomis, FL

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