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January overview

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The new year is upon us and we are getting the hang of full-time RVing. In fact, we made our first navigation decision this month that was based solely on the weather. As far as we can tell, this is one of the greatest luxuries of our RVing lifestyle. We also happened to get to the most tropical place we'll be taking our house. In January we:
  • traveled a total of 659 miles
  • got an average of 8.03 miles per gallon
  • spent an average of $45.76 per night for campgrounds
  • parked for an average of 5.4 nights at a time
  • drove an average of 154 miles each time we moved the house
We started 2003 in Nokomis, Florida. We enjoyed our stay here over Christmas and New Years a great deal. We left Nokomis to see the Keys and Everglades and then travelled up the Atlantic coast to St. Augustine. It was on this path north that the cold front came. With low temperatures forecasted to be in the 20s, we turned south and ended up back in Nokomis at the same park we started the month.

Here is the recap of our adventures for the month.

January route

January 21, 2003
St. Augustine, FL

January 17, 2003
Titusville, FL

January 11, 2003
Key Largo, FL

January 8, 2003
Key Largo, FL

January 2, 2003
Nokomis, FL

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