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November overview

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After our third month on the road, we've finally started slowing down. Our total distance has dropped, and our average number of nights in one place has gone up. The numbers don't reflect that we also have had our longest stay of the trip with 13 nights in Atlanta. During the month of November we:
  • traveled a total of 765 miles
  • got an average of 8.87 miles per gallon
  • spent an average of $29.86 per night for campgrounds
  • parked for an average of 5.6 nights at a time
  • drove an average of 186 miles each time we moved the house
It's been nice to slow down. We've started golfing a bit, and I think we've both finally realized that this is more than a vacation. Another couple months of decompression and we might even be able to say we're relaxed! Myrtle Beach and Atlanta were the biggest surprises this month. Long visits gave us time to really explore and we really enjoyed both areas more than we expected. The worst part is that even as far south as we are, it has still been cold. We're looking forward to December as we'll be in Florida and should have warmer temperatures by the middle of the month. Here is the recap of our adventures for the month.

November route

November 30, 2002
Atlanta, GA

November 27, 2002
Atlanta, GA

November 17, 2002
Myrtle Beach, SC

November 12, 2002
Myrtle Beach, SC

November 6, 2002
Rodanthe, NC

November 2, 2002
Williamsburg, VA

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